Growth Capital

Alcedo SGR S.p.A. is an independent Private Equity firm, controlled by its management, and is one of the leading players in Growth Capital investments in Italy.

The Company is headquartered in Treviso, at the heart of the most dynamic industrial and entrepreneurial community in Italy.

The Team has been working together investing in Private Equity for more than 25 years, successfully applying the same consistent investment strategy: not only capital but an operational approach that aims to create a strategic partnership with entrepreneurs and managers to help them in growing their companies.

We invest in Italian excellence, without favouring specific sectors, by acquiring the right strategic control tools; we search for small-medium sized companies with sound economic fundamentals, high growth potential, export vocation and distinctive features in the target market.

Alcedo SGR and the Italian Stock Exchange collaborate to promote the ELITE Service.

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“Winners of the eleventh and thirteenth editions of the Claudio Demattè Private Equity of the year award, Buy Out category, with the Pixartprinting transaction and JK Group”

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