Unique approach to Growth Capital

How we operate

The Alcedo Team invests in SMEs (small-medium enterprises) representing the Italian excellence, leaders in their respective markets. The aim is to support them and boost their medium-long term growth and development, which could also involve the strategic repositioning of the invested company.

We adopt a unique approach to Growth Capital: we offer more than just capital, we promote ourselves as a Team of professionals able to act as real strategic partners for entrepreneurs and managers, becoming agents of change leveraging on the strengths and identifying and mitigating any weaknesses of the companies we invest in.

We pursue the companies’ growth, supporting development for either internal or external lines (by means of selective acquisitions), always taking a flexible and proactive approach that is fundamental to reconcile the various needs of the invested companies and all other stakeholders.

The experience developed in 25 years of successful investments in Growth Capital, in diversified sectors and along different economic cycles that have marked recent history, enables us to provide an effective and appreciated support to both entrepreneurs and managers.

Thanks to our sound ties to the business and financial world, over the years we have managed to create preferential access channels to identify new investment opportunities (proprietary Deal Flow).

We invest in Italian excellence. We are looking for companies with sound fundamentals, high growth potentials and distinctive features in their reference markets.
We acquire majority and minority equity interests, as long as we are granted a control on strategic decisions and development plans of our portfolio companies, with equity tickets ranging from 5 to 25 million Euros.

Main investment criteria

Good profitability and high and stable cash flow generation

Key elements of the value creation strategy